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At the beginning of the movie, a young girl with a beautiful personality is invited to the house of her new boyfriend on a dating app. A little description of the girl shows that she is quite cute with short, silky black hair, with That pretty appearance makes many guys fascinated, doesn't it... =)) While the two sides were talking, the young man kept staring at her small breasts. girl. The young man flirted with the girl with words that were like pouring honey into her ears, making even the most difficult girls soften their hearts. She agreed to go one step further with the boy, allowing him to touched his orange breasts. After a while, the guy no longer wanted to touch those breasts and instead raised his hand to attack her plump ass behind the tight jeans that accentuated her round buttocks. At first he was hesitant. It's embarrassing, but if you let me touch my chest but not my butt, it's not really fun at all =)) If you're happy, you have to be happy until the young man takes off his pants and exposes his erect cock. In front of the girl who was admiring a real cock for the first time with her own eyes, she unconsciously brought her mouth forward and sucked on it like candy @@ While she was fascinated with that cock, something she didn't expect happened. The young man's friend in the room was secretly watching what was happening and then you all know what happened, the girl took 2 cocks at once for the first time, it must be said that it felt like a fairy,... ..... If a good movie like this is too long, it's not good. Please watch it to feel the happy sounds. :D

KTKC-099 Let your best friend fuck your new lover
KTKC-099 Let your best friend fuck your new lover
 Movie Code: KTKC-099 
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