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After 15 years of marriage, Uno and his wife's relationship gradually cooled and they stopped having sex for a long time. At this time, Uno's nephew Yuki came to Tokyo to prepare for the university entrance exam and wanted to stay at her house for a few days. Haven't seen Yuki for a long time, now he's grown up and extremely handsome. Determined to pass this year, Yuki had to refrain from masturbating for a whole year. But his determination quickly collapsed when he saw his aunt's plump and seductive body. The image of Uno constantly appeared in his mind, his cock was always erect, making it impossible for him to concentrate on studying. Uno accidentally saw him masturbating, Yuki had to tell her the truth and asked her to masturbate for him. Feeling sorry for her nephew and wanting to help Yuki focus on studying, Uno agreed. She used her hand to help him ejaculate, but it only took a moment before Yuki's cock became erect again. Especially when he saw Uno practicing yoga, he couldn't stand it anymore and rushed to release his sexual desires! Because she hadn't had sex for a long time, Uno was extremely sensitive. Yuki's every click made her body tremble, constantly emitting moans of pleasure. And the entire time Yuki was here, he continuously made love to his sexy aunt, releasing all the sperm he had been holding back and accumulating for a year inside Uno!

JUL-788 Auntie, I love you
JUL-788 Auntie, I love you
 Movie Code: JUL-788 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Uno Kanaya 
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