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The first "Chicken Contest" project attracted projects from users who all came to the hot springs inn on a picnic at the girls' school. The dressing room and open-air bathroom are a secret garden. "I always like my teacher" A youth page. The temptation of a chick girl who became bold with the feeling of freedom of a school trip does not stop! Furthermore, it turned out that he was engaged to a female teacher of his colleague... If the quiet girl thought about it... Blackmailed by a rude loli girl? Even if life ends... There are times when you have to be stuffed into... A trip to a dreamlike harem where super cute chicken girls compete for a dull male teacher! And what is waiting for the teacher is...

PIYO-093 The dream of young schoolgirls
PIYO-093 The dream of young schoolgirls
 Movie Code: PIYO-093 
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